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We have been developing attorney apps for more than a decade, including the first attorney app in the entire US! We are proud of our work and are happy to see how we can help you put your own customized app in the hands of your clients.

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Now you can get your own customized law firm app for cell phones. Be one of the first attorneys in the country to have your own App to give to clients and potential clients. Here’s what others are saying about the My Attorney App.

Martindale Hubbell’s Blog

With the popularity of mobile apps, many clients can easily contact you while on the go by simply adding your app to their mobile device. If you are technically challenged, there are services, such as My Attorney Apps, that can create these for you.

My Attorney Apps was reviewed by NOLO, one of the leading Lawyer resource companies who found that the My Attorney App explores creative ways to establish a mobile presence.

The My Attorney App supplies information and accident guideline checklists, all leading the wallets of prospective customers to the service of good lawyers.

Sun Sentinel

“New phone apps tap into South Florida lifestyle, consumer issues”

Attorney Releases Innovative Bilingual App Which Allows Clients To Text His Firm