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Thank you for visiting My Attorney App, created by Victim's Rights Attorney Jason Turchin. Remember that the only way to enter into an attorney-client relationship with an attorney is when both parties execute a signed contingency fee agreement and statement of client's rights. Nothing on our website should be construed as legal advice. It is intended as general information only. Never rely on anything on our website as legal advice without first speaking with an attorney.

You may submit an inquiry to our office through our website or our app. We try to respond to all inquiries. We are not obligated to respond to any inquiry. We offer this free service to potential new clients who ask questions in areas within which we practice. By submitting an inquiry to our office, you understand and agree that if it is not a case our office would handle, we may consult with another attorney in our area or your area for a possible co-counsel arrangement, may refer the case to another attorney, or may not respond at all. All initial consultations are free and do not create an obligation to retain our services or an obligation for our office to accept your case. Both parties must voluntarily sign a written agreement of representation in order to create and attorney-client relationship with our office.

Our attorneys are licensed before several courts throughout the country which are contained on our website and are only licensed to practice in those courts. If you visited our website in a jurisdiction that we are not licensed to practice, you expressly acknowledge that this was coincidental and unintentional.

While we try to keep our website up to date, we cannot guarantee that it is current, accurate, or complete.

Do not copy anything from our website without first getting approval from us. You can obtain approval by calling our office or submitting an inquiry. Simply citing our website is not sufficient.

Any disputes or actions arising out of the use of this website shall be governed by and in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State courts in Miami, Florida, or if jurisdiction is not permitted, then federal court in Miami, Florida.

Although we link to other sites, we have no control over the content in those sites. We do not make any representations regarding the content or accuracy of information contained in those third party websites.

The law limits the time within which you may bring a lawsuit. It is therefore important that you consult with another attorney immediately if we do not accept your case. Otherwise, your claim may be barred forever if a lawsuit is not filed in a certain period of time.

The My Attorney App also has an additional disclaimer and privacy policy within the application which is accepted once a user downloads the application. The App is free to delete at any time.

My Attorney Apps, LLC is an independent company.

Latest news

March, 2012

Founder Jason Turchin was featured in the ABA Journal as a leading industry technology expert. 

February, 2012

Several new apps are in development and are set to launch soon, including four apps from one law firm focusing on both English and Spanish speaking clients. We also recently lauched the Mancini Law Firm's app and more. 

January, 2012

As a start to the new year, several new features are now available for the My Attorney App, including our Text Us Now feature which allows potential clients to text your office through the app!

December, 2011

As we end 2011, a major thanks to our supporters and clients. This year showed tremendous growth and allowed us to continue our creativity and ingenuity in app development.

September, 2011

We are proud to have launched the Oklahoma Injury Lawyers App on itunes. Check it out!

August, 2011

The New York lawyers at 800-Cantaso's App will be released on Android and iTunes within the next couple of weeks, one of the first bilingual apps in the US. Look out for it!

July, 2011

Why get a mobile app for your firm? We can create a mobile business card with all of the features of your website built in for you to give to clients, prospective clients and to use in your advertising/marketing campaigns. Your clients can have all of your information literally in the palm of their hands with other great features like Tool Kits for your practice area and even the ability for a client to text you right from your app!  


We've had thousands of downloads this year and are constantly updating our app to keep up with the demand! ~ JT, attorney in Florida
This is great! ~ JD, attorney in Oklahoma


The My Attorney App provides a useful, everyday and free service. ~

Especially easy for would-be clients to reach the attorney. ~ ABA Journal

My favorite part is the section with valuable tips in case of an accident. ~ Sun Sentinel

Stay tuned for more testimonials added frequently!